• Private
  • Corporate
  • Public

Private is what you do yourself, worship, pray, praise, you with Christ.
Corporate is what you bring to worship, not take up energy to get your private time, but a time to give out.
You don’t drain you add to the corporate time.
Public is on the outside of the church. It comes as an overflow of your private time with the Lord.

Prayers are more powerful than bombing raids.
One form of prayer is to write it out and everyone says it together. You agree you are in accord. You are forceful and strong. This is carpet-bombing. You change things to what God wants it to be — devoid of sin influences.

Specific bombings or artillery
Like target a liquor store. For example, call Joe’s Liquor and ask for Joe. Then ask Joe his last name and when he gives it and asks why you want it. You say you just wanted to know it because you are praying for him. Then hang up. He will be mystified. Then you pray for the Lord to bring him into the kingdom