My precious Granddaughter Ava-Grace is 4yrs old. She was an IVF baby and has suffered continually since birth with coughs, colds, chest infections and now ear infections. Her Mum Rebecca is a born again, baptised,spirit filled Blood bought Daughter. Her Father Ben professed Christ some yrs back but his Tree fruit is that of a worldling.He offers no spiritual leadership or protection to either his wife or Daughter. He is very hard and harsh with both Rebecca and Ava.He has an aunt who attends a spiritist church and he himself is very unwilling to discuss spiritual matters whatsoever. In fact he is quite hostile. Rebecca and Ben do not walk togerther as they are, he is not in agreement with the truths of Scripture. I ask for deliverence pray for my Daughter Rebecca and Ben that he would see his need of deliverence for it breaks my heart,as a Father,to look on and see her and my little one suffer this loneliness and seperation from husband and Father. Thank you. Graham.

Received: October 23, 2022