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Good morning

i would like to request a prayer for my family, my nephew Gino and my brother Thamo they are hooked on drugs to the point that they steal from home and also from the neighbours to the point that they have been attached by the mob of people accusing them of stealing, almost every week we go through same thing with people threatening us as the family and we now live in fear as these people can come in anytime to kill them and us. please pray for us as we unable to even sleep at night because of fear and now i have panic attacks and i have 6year old son who is exposed to all this and i dont want him to grow up to become like them. my mother is also old and suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, all these things are affecting her healthy badly. please pray for them to stop using drugs and to stop stealing and to see the light, be responsible and get jobs.

Received: January 9, 2019