I ask anyone reading this to agree with me that my mountain home will sell for $400,000 and that the buyer is already coming to my area to find my property, that it will be a quick sale and they will buy the property just as it is. The Lord has shown me a man who wants that land and he will pay what I want for it because he wants to be first as he likes that land. He also has his own realtor and I won't have to use a realtor to sell it. There will absolutely not be any problems selling it and it will be sold this summer. We still have to remove some things in the house and the garage and agree with me we will get everything done as I have planned to do. The house and the garage will be cllean and all the surrounding areas will also be cleaned up. Also give God the praise and worship as all this is coming to pass. The Word of God says I can have what I say and I say all this and believe it is coming to pass. In the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior

Received: February 9, 2019