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My wife and I have been through hell these past 8 years of marraige. We are both believers. I had a tragic year in 2010. Lost my mom and grandmother within 4 months of each other. I was an absolute disaster from this experience and was drinking almost every day to numb the pain. I eventually snapped out of it. And then met Beki. We were married a few months later. But I chose not to pursue any kind of grief or trauma counseling. So the drinking continued and created a lot of hurts and bitterness in my wife. And then 4 years ago, I suffered a concussion on the job. This was the worst thing that ever could have happened. And then on top of that I was put on medication that almost put me into a mental institution. Good news is I have been off of all those meds for a full year now. Bad news is I have separated from my wife and daughter for almost 9 months. They are in Phoenix and I am in Washington. I am planning on moving down there in July to reunite. Believing for an absolute miracle in our situation. We both need massive amounts of healing and restoration in our lives and marraige. Thank you guys. Bless you!!

Received: April 1, 2019