I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


My name is John I am 59 years old, at the age of 23, I was an unbeliever, I went to a meeting with the Pastor of my local church, I did not attend, his son was my friend and I would go to the house, they were friendly people, I liked them, but got angry when they mentioned God, because I believed in Darwinism, The Pastor invited me to a meeting, where a mighty man of God was speaking. I felt something immediately like a peace within in my Soul, when the preacher said Jesus died on the cross for my sins and arose from the dead, he asked people to stand if they wanted him to be Lord and Saviour, I stood immediately and sad yes, to cut a long story short, after this I got delivered from evil spirits and baptised in the Holy Spirit. I had a good ministry after this. I met a woman in the Church who claimed to be a Christian, we married had a child, but she would become angry if I put on Christian videos of anything that was annointed, we divorced and I walked away from God, I worked in a hospital from the criminally insane, my job was a success, but horrific due to many patients being murderers. I met a Russian Lady, she moved into my house. She was involved with occult practices, tarot cards, palm reading and much more, eventually after a year we split up. Since 2013 everything has gone wrong, I developed Bipolar disorder, lost my jo, I got a Pension from the UK National health Service, I finished in February, but because I was a qualified Nurse I got a job in Private Nursing. In February I became very sick, it was discovered I had a thyroid Goitre in my chest forcing my windpipe to the right. I was due to the operation I had back pain, but my Doctor side to have the operation, which went well. I was discharged, but two weeks later was unable to walk, because I had spinal stenosis. I spent two weeks in hospital, was supposed to have an operation to free the nerve, but there were no Doctors. I was discharged in September, but had the spinal operation in October. I was the Last on the list so had been fasting since midnight. He came to me at 4.20pm and said he was running late, so I had an operation that should have taken 1.5 hours in less than an hour. I had already repented , because I had been with many woman, drank alcohol took drugs and had sex with a prostitute. I had repented and recommitted my life to God. I have a lovely Fiancee, who lives in Ukraine, she is a very committed Christian,, but she does not believe that demonic spirits are real. I believe Jesus is Lord, I have recommited to God, pray every day in English and Tongues, Jesus is my Lord and Saviour I have truly repented. My Prayer is for Peace Since the Russian Lady who was involved in the occult lived me, my life has gone wrong. I am very Wealthy, because I was a share holder in Land my family Partnership sold and I got a very substantial amount of money, but I have no interest in Money. I had complications after the operation, that have left me partially impotent, and infertile, plus I can only walk short distances. I am marrying my Fiancee next year, she is 18 years younger than I am, she wants a Child, but now I am unable to l Fullfil the sexuall roll of of creating a child. I had the operation in October March I got terrible pains in my back, legs genitals and bladder, could not walk for a week, after this I was told may bladder was damaged and any semen I produced would go into my bladder.. I have explained to her we cannot have children, she trusts God that we will, but my faith in a creative miracle is weak. I spend most days crying out to God, in tears, I have very strong thoughts of suicide. I think during my backslidden years I have invited unknowingly demons in my life. I cry out Jesus is Lord, when ever I get suicidal thoughts. In this request I wan to say I love the Lord with all my heart, Jesus is my Lord ans savior. I still have a tumour in my thoracic spine. I ask for prayer firstly that I will feel the precense of God again, I ask for healing of my lower spine, healing of the tumour on my spine and most important, healing of my bladder and reproductive system, so when we marry we can have a child, because I do not believe in fertility treatment, where they harvest sperm to fertise the egg. I just ask for the healing and wholeness of God, I thank you for your prayes and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I have failed him for many years and ask him, as Kind David did, "Create in me a clean heart God, cast me not awat from thy preseice and renew a right spirit in me, in the Mighty Name of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings "JESUS"

Received: April 25, 2019