I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.

Thea Brauer

I pray that I can finally change from the inside out. I pray that I continue to do well in my job and that I am successful. I pray that I can lose weight, get into better shape and reverse the diabetes that I have. I pray that my mom and i can re establish a much better relationship with each other. I pray that I can save a lot of money into my account so I can move out and live independently. I pray that I finally grow up, take responsibility for my life and become the adult i am meant to become. I pray that both my parents can be proud of the adult that I have become. I pray for some miracles for both me and my family to happen for us within the next few weeks and months. I pray that I can pay for all of the medical bills that I have received and will be receiving soon. I pray that my Mom can walk on her own soon and that she her pain lessens alot within the next few days and weeks. I pray that I can start dating soon as well. I pray for some good things to happen for me in my life within the next few weeks and months. I pray that I can take care of myself in nearly every aspect of my life.

Received: July 8, 2019