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Marc Bryant

please pray for my health&strength/protection from the seen&unseen enemies&evil forces!! that may be around me.Please pray that (GOD) will forgive me for any seen or unseen sins that I may have made,sometimes I feel you can sin and don't even know it.Please pray for my mother (Ada) health,she is ill with diabetes,heart problem,rare stomach disease.please pray that (GOD) will (BLESS) her with a (SUPERNATURAL HEALING) in (ALL AREAS THROUGHOUT) her body mind&soul. Please pray for my health,if I have any seen or unseen health problems,please pray that (GOD) will (BLESS) me with a (SUPERNATURAL HEALING) in (ALL AREAS THROUGHOUT) my body mind&soul. I am self employed 57 of age stay with my mother with no savings,work is very slow to none,please pray that (GOD) in (THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST) will (BLESS) me with jobs that I can complete with success and have no problems with pay!!. Please pray for me and my mother (Ada) that (GOD) in (THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST) will (BLESS) us with nothing but (MIRACLES&BLESSINGS) in (ALL AREAS THROUGHOUT) our (LIFE),SPIRITUAL,FAITH,HEALTH,FINANCE,PROTECTION THROUGHOUT ALL AREAS OF LIFE PROBLEMS,ETC!!. Thank you all for your prayers,as I pray for all. Marc

Received: February 13, 2020