Please pray for me

I have been suffering from long term anxiety, depression and mood disorder due which I'm experiencing physical distress like epigastric pain under the chest, gas, bloating, acid reflux(regurgitation) leg calf muscle inflammation, foot issues, frozen shoulder, restless leg syndrome, knee jerk, Fatigue and weak legs, joint pain. This is due to the fear of death experience during early childhood after my father's death. This was a shock 40 years ago and living every moment with those experience and my mind has not been resolved.

Also, I experience allergy bronchitis, sinusitis, food intolerance, indigestion, anxiety, lightheadedness, fast heartbeat after eating every meal.

These symptoms are CONSTANT and repeating feel like I'm sick and diseased.

Please pray for me to relieve the symptoms and to come out of this hell completely. I never worked in my life though and I'm living with my Mother's pension.

Please pray for me to resolve the emotions and thoughts associated with my early childhood trauma and create a very good job and financial security and get marry soon with my loved girl.

Please pray for me to Trust Life/God and move forward in my life.

Please pray for me to live a healthy, married and Abundant life ASAP.

With gratitude and love


Received: October 21, 2020