He is the God who heals me!

Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world.

Father God, in your deepest love You so delighted in the sons of men, that though they continually committed disobedience against You, You sent your only Son, Jesus the Christ, from heaven to this earth, to be born in the likeness of the sons of men, in my likeness, a human being, so that the just penalty of my disobedience, my sinful nature, would rest upon Him, and His righteousness and life would abide in those who chose to believe in your Son. It is this great work of grace in the person of Jesus Christ that your Word has clearly revealed to me, and I trust in the Lord of creation who is now my Redeemer and Sustainer, and I know I am saved from eternal damnation by your grace through this faith that Your Son has given me, and I know that I will live forever with the You, the Living God. (John 3:16)

I am so glad I have the life of Christ in Me. Thank you, Jesus!
Jesus, my Brother, You lived without sin, and though You were innocent of all wrongdoing, You purposely gave up Your life for me. In your love You bore MY SINS on the cross at Calvary. You died in my place. You paid the just penalty for my sins. Not only that, You also bore the burden of my sicknesses and carried the weight of my diseases upon Yourself. And by Your unimaginable wounds I am healed.

By Your Word I know that divine healing is in the Atonement, and I ask your Father and my God for it today. The Majesty from on High I now call “Abba”. You are now my Father, for You have birthed your righteous spirit in me. I am born from above. I am not of this sin-filled world any longer. The ruler of this world has no hold on me. I am Your beloved daughter, I am Jesus’ beloved sister, and I am forever the beloved companion of the Holy Spirit who teaches me everything about Jesus. Why would anyone neglect so great a salvation as this?

And, Holy Spirit, I know that You dwell inside me, that I am your choice as an earthly temple, and I know that You are the same Spirit who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, and that You will heal my mortal body if I ask Father God to do so, believing that I receive this healing by faith in His Son.

I do not have to carry the burdens of sickness, disease, and infirmity upon myself any longer. Jesus, You carried them far away, as far as east is from west, just as You bore away my transgressions. In your word you said, “I have blotted out, like a thick cloud, your transgressions, And like a cloud, your sins. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.”

Isaiah said about You, “He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.”

Today I am free in Christ Jesus!

I tell my body to conform to this New Life I have received in Jesus.
I command sickness, disease, and infirmity to leave my body in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I am commanded to use His Name with authority and boldness. I will obey my Father’s command, for Jesus assures me that My Father’s command is everlasting life. Jesus commands me to love others as He has loved me. Is that so difficult to do, it is an easy yoke, not oppressive, it is a light burden, not heavy! I take joy that I may carry His love to the world. His grace is now delivered to the world through me. I will declare your love for all eternity!

As an anointed daughter in the priesthood of all believers, I command demons to go, and they will flee from me and others, in the Name of Jesus. Thank you, my Father, that you have given to me this authority to use my Brother’s Name to do good and to halt the wicked plans of Satan formed against me and the whole world. Let me also tell others of your goodness. Let me confess You before the nurses, the aides, maintenance personnel, doctors, therapists, friends, and strangers. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world.

I confess that the life of God abides in me for I abide in Him, and His living word is in me. I confess that God has given me the mind of Christ, so that I may cherish the living truth that comes from His Son, Jesus, and that I may joyously share it with others.

Because I love Abba, my Father, I know that the power and authority of my Brother Jesus has been freely given to me, and I know He has saved me from everlasting damnation. He has snatched me from Satan’s grasp that had condemned me to an eternity in the unquenchable fire of the Abyss. He has carried me into the Kingdom of His Love, the Kingdom of Peace and Righteousness. Jesus is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He provides for my every need, for He is Jehovah-Jireh, my Lord who provides the acceptable sacrifice for all the world.

I love you, Jesus. You are my Savior. You are my Lord in all the situations and concerns of my life. You are my best friend forever. I have joy and peace in knowing you. You have brought me out of the devils darkness and given me into the arms of my Father. Amazing grace for the whole human race.
I was lost, but now I am found!

I now live by faith in my Father and His Living Word, not by the sight of my eyes, not by what I hear or feel, not by my own reasonings. I am in God’s family now. My natural senses will not govern my life, they will only rightly tell me about my physical surroundings–and that is good–for God gave me my senses for a purpose, to engage me with the wonders of His creation, and in a sense to turn my eyes and ears toward Him, but the information that my senses receive I will not trade for the truth that now comes into my spirit from Jesus, the Living Word. I will now obey His words, for His words are life to my body, soul, and spirit. My flesh profits me nothing. My born-again spirit is now in dominion over my soul and my body. Let me not stray from this wondrous path.
I Praise my God and Father, and His Son, my Lord who is Jesus Christ! I worship You, I adore You, I love You so very much, I exalt you above all created things. I lift you up on high. I am both humbled and ecstatic with joy in your presence. You are everything to me. Your grace is sufficient! Jesus, though I have never seen you with my own eyes, my heart sees You clearly, and I know your life is in me! I know I am healed by You. Holy Spirit of Truth, my God who dwells in me, you are my daily companion forever, and I thank you for your true words of comfort that you have given me this day and every day that I live in the presence of Jesus.

Give thanks to our God from whom ALL blessings flow through you!
Give praise to The Father, and His Son, and the Holy Spirit of Truth!
Give to this dark earth what He freely gave to you
His Love undefined that you break every yoke.
His Compassion for the weak that you undo the heavy burdens.
And in the Name of Jesus you shall loose the bonds of wickedness.
Let the oppressed go free! (Isaiah 58:6)

By Stephen Burlison