Apostle Derrico Steels

Question: What is a false prophet?

Well this question is one that plagues the body of Christ a lot, we get into this witch hunt looking under every rock peaking around every corner looking for the big bad wolf. Well as always I say our thinking on spiritual matters should never be beyond what the word has already set in order, in other words I can not say it means this when very clearly the word shows something else. 

  1. There are true prophets and false based on what Jesus told us in his word. The question is how can you tell the two apart. A false prophet is one based on the word of God who has a way of trying to lead you away from serving the true God to the worship of a false God by giving utterance under the power of a spirit ( not of God ) that gives the man or the woman the ability to foresee or tell things that the human mind can not know. So if a person says God said blah blah blah, then you as the believer must 1st ask ( What is the message they are giving and does it line up with the word of God ) everyone that says god is not talking about our father.
  2. The message they give has to line up with the word of God, if it does not then that should bring your radar up. The word says clearly in 1 Corinthians 14:3
  3. But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. So a true prophet when he/she says the lord says will cover those 3 things ( Edify, exhort, comfort ) so people think the prophet comes in and speaks gloom and doom not ( Edify, exhort, comfort ) so if the message is scary, your radar should come on, if it goes against the word of God your radar should come on. If a word of correction must be given a true man or woman of God will not openly bring you to shame but rather in love try to reveal what they see and try to help in love correct the issue one on one with a witness.
  4. There is a major difference between a person with fleshy issues and a false prophet. A man/woman may be anointed of God to stand in a gift but have not yet submitted their flesh/body complete to the lord ( This does not make the person false ) it just means they have some fleshy habits that must die. A false prophet will on purpose mislead you from God and its normally because of some selfish motive they have pre-thought of before they say thus saith the lord. For instance have you ever gone to a church where the music was off the chain, and it seemed the power of God was moving, then the man/woman gets up to preach and for 45-60 minutes you hear all kinda good things ( this is your season, its your time, blah blah ) but Jesus is hardly talked about, the cross is never even brought up, and then there is no altar call for salvation of souls. That alone should alert you as a believer, But the funny thing is word says in Ephesians 1:2-3Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:So the word says he has ( PAST TENSE ) blessed you so all you need to do is believe him, So the next time a person who says they are speaking for God states that God wants to bless you and he said if you sow a seed of $70.77 in 3 days its done ( hogwash ) God said you are already blessed and you need to believe his word and stand on that.

We get hung up on titles, prophet, Apostle, etc and we think the title makes a person. I care less about a title when it comes to the work of God all I want to know is where do you stand with Jesus and my father, can you heal the sick, can you cast out devils, can you raise the dead, are you advancing the kingdom, are souls being added to the kingdom by the work you are doing for the lord. I do not care about Apostle, Bishop, priest, I do not care what you call yourself all I want to know is do you love my Jesus? Is your heart set on fire for him, is he #1 in your life that’s what matters. Titles come and go but Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. If you have fleshy issues God can and will set you free if you want him to. I am telling you what I know not what I heard praise God

So to the person who asked this question let me say this, don’t get caught up in the blame game of the church of trying to find out who is real and who is not that’s a waste of time trying to go on wich hunts and down play people’s ministries and character that’s not the love of God and it not the way God’s word says we should handle such matters and we as believers are told in the word to not deal with such things that cause division among the body of Christ. There are to many people dying without Jesus for us to be worried about such silly arguments let’s get focused on the task at hand ( souls being saved and brought into the kingdom ) Are their false prophets yes but if you keep your eyes on Jesus who is the real deal it will not be hard to tell when you do encounter the false versus someone who just has not submitted their body to God. Do not waste your time on this focus on Jesus, Jesus said my sheep know my voice and to me that’s all that matters I know his voice and a stranger I will not follow. If you are born again why are we worried so much about witchcraft and nonsense like the such ( Yes its real ) But if you have the power of God ( The Holy Ghost ) you need not worry about a spell, a false prophet, a warlock, a witch nothing. Greater is he that is in you then he that is in the world, demons tremble in your presence if you really know who you are in Jesus. Church,  to many souls at stake we can not afford for one second to take our eyes off Jesus he is so soon to return what are we waiting for the harvest is ready let’s go.