1. In 2001 VCF’s pastor, Dave Morgan, stated to the church that our church had failed the public, as had every other church in America. He went on to explain that when 9-11 occurred millions of people flocked to churches in confusion, wanting to find reason behind the calamity. NO church was prepared or equipped to deal with the need of the people. All churches had failed. People generally stopped going to church that had gone for answers. We didn’t have answers. Would we next time?

2. Currently there is another world American crisis building in the mid-east. Iran has a new president; this new president was the former head of intelligence, just as Putin, president of Russia is the former head of the KGB. They know what it takes for success in an attack. The new president of Iran has stood before the United Nations General Assembly and stated his goal was to wipe Israel off the map; then the great satan of the west, the United States. He then detailed the goals of Iran. It had long-range missiles capable of hitting New York City and other major cities of the world; but he had no nuclear capabilities – yet. He stated that they had the materials to make nuclear weapons from and were in that development phase. That they had the necessary materials in a centrifuge that would compress the gasses into the nuclear ready material that could be loaded into these missiles and would be ready by July 1, 2006.

3. Since then, Iran has flaunted her threats to us, the United States, and the world. The president of Iran is probably fanatical enough to launch those missiles once they have them.

4. Russia has a treaty with Iran that states they will defend Iran from any country that attacks it. That is one of the conditions present that helps Russia get their gas from Iran.

5. In approx. 1981-1982 Iraq was developing nuclear capabilities through their nuclear generators. Israel knew the time-table and did a pre-emptive strike on those nuclear reactors to prevent the nuclear weapons.

6. Israel and the US have contingencies for pre-emptive strikes against the Iran nuclear generating plants, and probably have plans to strike somewhere between 30-90 days from now. Because a nuclear tipped missile hitting Jerusalem would totally wipe out Israel and God won’t permit that. WE are probably one of the tools of the Lord to prevent his Chosen from being wiped out.

7. Considering points 1-6 above, I believe we need to prepare to be the resource that no one was in 2001, when a calamity hits the U.S., whether from another “9-11” as Osama Bin Laden promises, or retaliation from Russia for a pre-emptive strike, or an attack from Iran. HOW do we prepare for such a thing? Does our church coordinate efforts through their umbrella organization, or form life groups to deal with personal issues, or what? I think “someone” needs to work on such a plan NOW, before the need arrives.

I don’t think that this involves stocking of supplies or any such thing, but the training, equipping, and commissioning of prayer warriors and intercessors that, like prophets, will speak to the situation in advance and “change the rules.” Speak into being things that are not..

Is this something you or a group you belong to is willing to take on as a project/ministry?