I love you dear heavenly Father, precious Jesus and beautiful Holy Spirit. I pray dear heavenly Father as I cup my hands, please fill this cup with the BLOOD of my precious Jesus. Thank you, dear God, and now I take the BLOOD of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit of love, power and sound mind, pour it over my head and let it saturate my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. At this time I pour the BLOOD of Jesus which God Almighty put into my hands, over the top of my head and move my hands down over my body as I see the BLOOD saturate my entire body.
I now proclaim in the name of Jesus that His BLOOD, which has cleansing power, healing and power and restoration power, cleanses, heals and restores my brain, my conscious mind, and my subconscious mind, my head, my hair, my eyes and my ears, my mouth and lips, my teeth and my gums, my throat, my esophagus, and my stomach, my gall bladder and my liver, my bladder my pancreas, my kidneys, and every organ in my body, my immune system, my upper and lower colon and intestines, my private parts, my legs, my calves, my knees, my ankles, my feet, my back side, my hips, my spine, my back, my neck, my shoulders, my arms, my hands, my chest, my lungs, my diaphragm, and my heart.
Now dear Father, I pray, fill this cup again with the precious blood of my Jesus, this BLOOD is being pumped through every artery, through every vein, through every capillary into every bone, every cell, every atom and every molecule of my brain, my body, my soul, my spirit and my blood. Thank you dear God for completely cleansing, healing, and restoring my body, my mind, my heart, my soul, my spirit and my blood, through the BLOOD of Jesus and in His holy Name. Amen!