………….. lives and cooks in the covered and protected home of the most High and shall walk gloriously under the reflection of God Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, You are ………….stronghold and fortress, ……. support, ……. God, in Him …… will accept and hold tightly.

Surely …………..shall be cured and healed and revived from the ambush, trap, pitfall, cloak, cloud, mask, disguise of the follower.

………. shall be covered with the Father’s feathers of light and under His all-powerful and glorified Spirit ……. shall accept and hold tightly His Truth, reality, precision, accuracy, and shall be …………..’s support, continuance, sustenance and ……. balance, proportion and beauty.

………. shall not be concerned, apprehensive, dismayed, or terrified for the alarm and dread by the veil of darkness nor for the arrow which runs its course, by an absence of light.

Nor for the pestilence, painful harmful weigh down, that moves, or travels, promenades, drives, in the shadowy blackness.
Nor for the destruction, sudden or violent change that consumes, wastes, destroys, poisons, pollutes, impairs and overtakes at first blush or noonday.

A thousand shall fall to pieces, wipe out, dissolve, sink, at your side and ten thousand at your right hand of justice, but it shall not come nigh, within reach of your borders or high at hand, at your fingertips.

Only with your eyes, your cycle, zone, eyewitness, view, regard, point of view, outlook, discernment, envision, shall you behold, discover, distinguish, command a view of, witness, inspect and see, consider, heed, study, declare and decree the reward , punishment, sentence, execution of the wicked, lawless, unfit, out-of-order, guilty, unclean spirits.

Because you have made the Lord which is your refuge, stronghold, even the Most High your habitation, your retreat and pleasure,

There shall no evil, false witness, outrage, sadness, dread, befall, encounter, put up with, hold you, neither shall any plague wound, annoy, come near, anger or torment your habitation or your informal pad.

For He shall give your angels charge, orders, power, commands over you to keep, preserve, all your ways, your gateways, channels, paths, portals, journeys.

They shall bear or support, sustain, sift, hand you over, move you up into their hands lest you dash, but strike your foot against a stone or serpent, or a story-teller.

You shall tread or stomp, drop and fall upon the lion and the adder, the young lion and the dragon shall you trample or crush, dismantle, squash under foot or protest.

Because the Father has set, cast, patterned, secured and balanced His Love upon you therefore He will deliver, or free, release, loose, liberate you. He will set, or cast down, secure and balance you on high or supremely, unequaled above all, because you know His Name, the Almighty God.

……….. shall call upon Me and I will answer …… I shall be with …….. in trouble, disgust, nausea, sickness, and affliction; I will deliver, free, release, loose, and liberate ……… and honor, adore, love, and see ………. healed and joyful.

With long life I will satisfy, set at ease, refresh, support…….. and show ….. My Salvation, My freedom, release, liberation, healing, and come to…………. rescue.