Spies Among Us

We have been learning a lot lately about spiritual warfare and changing our mindset into that of a soldier. In light of that fact, the Lord has shown me an amazing yet simple revelation I wanted to share with all of you.

The Lord showed me that the enemy and his camp are limited in what they are able to accomplish and rely heavily on military strategies to carry out their assignments. Among the things principalities and powers cannot do is read our minds or know our thoughts — all the powers of darkness can do is observe us, and based on our reactions, take further action themselves.

The image the Lord showed me is similar to a scene from Star Wars or any science fiction movie or book. He showed me that enemy spies (demons) hover around us in the spirit realm and their assignment is to observe and record our reactions to the lies the enemy feeds us — both in our words and in our behavior, especially when we are alone. The information gathered is then evaluated by the enemy camp and their strategies are changed, strengthened or deemed successful.

There are some very practical reasons why the Word of God tells us to watch what we say and not become reactionary to pressures in our lives. If we show no fear, instead presenting ourselves prepared to go into battle against the powers of darkness, they won’t know if fear or turmoil existed inside of us. They won’t know we are on the brink of giving up over something unless we show it, or do it, or say it. I think this is one of the reasons why the Apostle Paul told us about the fruit of the Spirit, with patience and self-control among that fruit. While self-control in the face of great adversity can be almost impossible in the natural, we are fortunate in that our strength comes from the Lord. As long as we remember whose kids we are, we will be fine.

That is not to say we should ignore our feelings and thoughts, rather we are to take every thought captive and to always to pray in tongues to the Lord over such things. In the natural, circumstances can look very bad, but praise God; we do not live in the natural, we live in the spirit, and I encourage all to continue reminding any problem, any lie of the enemy, any opposition, of what the Word of God says. Actually, when we speak words of healing and authority we are putting those very attacks under our feet and rubbing the enemy’s nose in yet another defeat. His little demon spies hovering around us are forced to give anything but a glowing report concerning us back to demon command central. GLORY!!!

Have a Blessed day!

Linda Neuman