The Father would say, I Am for you not against you. Yes victory comes as you speak My Word and meditate on My statues. My strength is as the eagles…fly with Me, says the Lord. Healing is in My salvation. My Son died for all of it. You have what you say. Let My Word come forth out of your mouth and then stand, stand, stand. Do not wait on Me, says the Lord for I have already spoken to you in My Word. Do you not see it.

I have brought you back to Genesis 1:26- 28. I have giving you all authority and dominion over the earth. You have what you want when you believe with all your heart. It is a seed as small as an atom…faith will explode when you take that atom and use it. Move mountains for Me, says the Lord. I did not create you to fail. No, you are more than conquerors. My blood has covered your sins from the beginning of time until tomorrow. Have no fear for it is not of Me. Do you know that I can create all that you need for the rest of your life. I have done it already. What ever is in my pocket is in yours. Whatever is Mine is yours….Now and forever. It is a little thing to believe….Now act on My Word and watch it happen.

All your prayers are answered for I heard them the first time. I am not deaf nor blind. I Am the all-seeing God. Nothing is hidden from Me. My children come first when it comes to My hearing their prayers. So pray for the poor and I will make them rich. Pray that they will know Me and they will come to be My children. Pray for their food and I will feed them. Pray for homes and I will tuck them into bed. Do you see what I am saying. I need your body to fulfill what needs to be done here on the earth….you are the authority on the earth, but I supply everything you need. I cannot lie and will not lie. My Word is the whole truth. Mercy flows out of me as the raging river. I never have a short supply of anything. I Am the rich, prosperous, lovely, merciful, and gracious God of the whole earth. I Am and will always be. Take My hand…step out and believe Me for the impossible for nothing is impossible for Me….says your loving Father.