Father, I renounce and break every ungodly soul tie in my life. I repent for yielding my will to anyone but Yours, Father. I withdraw my soul/ my personality/ my spirit from every person that I’ve had an ungodly soul tie with. Lord, my heart desires to be free of all ungodly soul ties. I give up control over others. I renounce all control over me except by the Father, My Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. Heal my heart of hurts and confusion that come or came into my life from soul ties. I forgive those who have hurt me, rejected me, abused me physically, sexually, verbally and/or spoke destructive words to me or about me.

I break the overshadowing, imaging and imprinting of my mother’s personality,(father, spouse, etc.) or someone who abused, rejected or sexually molested me. I forgive those who overshadowed me or beat me down and took my will away from me. I take back my mind, my will and my emotions and I separate my mother’s, my father’s, or anyone’s emotions from mine. I renounce my mother’s (father’s, etc.) personality and take back my personality as God created me to be.
Thank you, dear Father, in Jesus Christ’s Name and through His blood and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen