What are you willing to do to see revival, revolution?
Because the limit of what you set, the enemy will draw the line at 99%. What boundaries the enemy has set, am I willing to step over? Quotes from Revolution book by Michael Brown.
Are you willing to pour out your life for the people of your city. Some preachers have to change in order to stay in power. Most leaders find out where people want to go and run around in front and say follow me.
Most of the church is trying to build little fiefdoms, kingdoms. They don’t really want to see people change.

Are you gathering or are you spreading? Are you trying to gather or scatter? It is natural to start gathering.
If you are spreading you need to train people to spread this message. Spread revolution to change our city.
We need to train an army.
We’re after our market share, a church on every corner like a McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Why not? If anybody sees you as a competitor — they are empire builders, not building God’s kingdom.