Let My way be yours. We are one, you and I. No one can take you out of my hand. You are engraved in it. Let My Word be in you like a fire with a forge rushing in. My Words create faith when you hear with your whole ear. I need you. Do not be afraid of their faces. Do not run away from praying for others. They are waiting on you to give them hope. Sometimes you are their only hope.

As I apply the blood I see bubbles but not bubbles. Atoms (millions) reforming, recreating, reconstructing my hair roots, skin, eyes, brain, sinuses, glands, nose, lips, teeth and so on. When Jesus comes back He must find faith. Faith is literally a positive charge or canopy over and around and in us. Worship brings canopy for protection, wholeness, not just health. Prayer and faith charges/changes atmosphere.
Angels and satan recognize when the faith canopy is in place or not. Fear, doubt or unbelief causes holes in canopy of faith/love/hope. That is why Peter was able to sleep in jail waiting for execution but believing God to deliver him. When we speak the word and blood of Jesus the canopy of faith is released and secures our finances or our children.